Meet the Sovereign Visualization

Meet your Sovereign here!

Try this short visualization to meet your Queen Archetype and even glean a little wisdom from her.

Here are some questions to help you recall and journal your experience. Note that she may change as you grow. Visit her often for wisdom and connection to your inner leader and visionary.

  • What did your garden look like?
  • How did the garden sound?
  • What scents were in the garden?
  • How did you feel in the garden?What did your sovereign look like?
  • What was she doing when you noticed her?
  • What is her demeanor like?
  • What did you show her?
  • How did she listen to you when let her know what was happening for you?
  • What wisdom did she offer?
  • What did it feel like to be connected to your powerful leader energy?
  • What do you remember most?

Go back to your garden often and visit her.

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