Shame is toxic if we don’t look at it and bring it into the light. It can be the burst of energy to all those self-degrading stories and incessant brain chatter. So we need to address the shame. For this I invite you to start with small points of shame and maybe build up to any large issues. It will be here for you to dive into more than once, so please release the shame the way and speed that feels right for you.



Questions to Journal:

  • How did you feel before this visualization?
  • How did you feel after?
  • What moments or thoughts of shame, embarrassment, or guilt came up for you?
  • What do you still feel guilt about specifically?
  • What is the data, the lesson, or any gem that might have come from that moment?
  • Can you let it go?
  • What can you tell yourself to let it go?
  • What did your gold nugget look like before and after you washed it?
  • Where did you wash your gold nugget? What did it look like there?
  • How did it feel to forgive yourself?

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We’re going to use feelings as guiding post – the core of the divine feminine GPS system.