Welcome to the course!

I’m super-excited to have you with us! Let’s infuse more divine feminine into our daily practice.

This isn’t about being perfect, this is about taking actions that feel good and give us a deeper look at who we are and the gifts we don’t know that we have. So be kind, loving and compassionate to yourself. If you’ve found your way to do that, then you’ve got it.

Each day…

There will be a visualization. I believe all are under 15 minutes and we might find the occasional visualization that is 16 minutes.

There will be questions for you to journal about to go deeper.

There will be a different exercise or ritual to go along with the visualization to give you something consciously to take in.

The goal…

Well, that’s up to you. Ideally you would do this every day and I know life doesn’t always make that an easy choice. Do what you can and what feels good.

Do the visualizations and rituals when you can. Of course it’s recommended to do them in the morning, and you’ll still get what you need any time of the day.

You can…

Choose any visualization you like. Sure I have them in an order and I’d love you to try all of them, and I also know that the divine feminine in you knows exactly what is right for you. Do the same one every day, skip around, substitute it for another teacher’s meditation or visualization. Again, you know what works best for you.

Suggested (not required) to get the most out of it:

Pick a time each day when you’ll be most available to this.

Note how you feel before you start and after. If we tune in, we are most likely to see the benefit and be inspired to continue.

Journal after a visualization. They all have a huge amount of your inner wisdom involved. Things that don’t seem to mean anything now may occur to you differently later. If we write them down we’re more likely to connect them.

Make this special time. RItual for me is about bringing myself back into my body and experiencing my intentions, my wholeness and especially the soft strength of the divine feminine within me so that I can be in touch with full knowing. Make your space cozy and uplifting as much as possible.


Sometimes it will feel sweet, others maybe challenging. I hope you’ll love it.