Core Beliefs & Power

Core beliefs make shift hard because they appear as deep truths, even when they aren’t.

Ever hear someone say: That’s just what I believe. Maybe you wondered, why don’t they just stop believing that if it is causing them so much strife?

Core beliefs come from long-time thoughts that have so much evidence in our minds, that they seem to be true. We take each experience and categorize it. The problem is that our ego and our brain like to keep our beliefs black and white because it’s easier to categorize. An experience turned out good or bad, or we had joy or pain.

Then we use that information to brand everything in the future as risky or safe. If we’ve had our heart-broken, we can be afraid to be vulnerable with it again. If we lost money on a business idea, we may not invest again. Even though we know that success often takes a lot of failures logically, our core belief might tell us that it just can’t work for us once we failed.

BUT… we can shift our core beliefs.

Join me for this one-hour workshop to:

  • Discuss what core beliefs are
  • Unravel some of your core beliefs around time, money, yourself and relationships
  • VALIDate those core beliefs to see if they are serving you or not
  • Learn how to shift your core beliefs to be your cheerleaders rather than your nemisis
  • Try on new beliefs to test my tools

Slides here.



Is it valuable?

Is it aligned with what I want?

Is it stated with love or compassion?

Is it imperative, meaning something I need to do about it right now?

Is it data?