2. Safe in the Arms of the Divine Mother

The Divine Feminine knows that we are connected to all things. We are the ones who see ourselves as disconnected through ego. In today’s visualization, you’ll connect to the Divine Mother that supports us all and feel that support.


Questions to Journal:

  • How did you feel before this visualization? How do you feel now?
  • What did the Divine Mother space look like to you? Sound like? Smell like?
  • How did it feel to be in this space?
  • What did the Divine Mother look like to you?
  • How did it feel to be seen and heard by the Divine Mother?
  • How did it feel to be held by the Divine Mother? Where did you feel it in your body?
  • Did any interesting things, symbols or wisdom arise?
  • What else did you notice?


Today, feel into the power of the Divine Mother that runs through you. We are all divine, perfect beings of light. While I recommend you take at least 10 minutes to do this, take the time you allow yourself. If you have a hard time being still, set a timer so you aren’t checking the clock.

This is a self-nurturing exercise, so please note if you have resistance to caring for yourself, see if you can be curious about it rather than resistant. The point is that at any time, you have the support of the Divine Mother. See if you can tap into her ancient, patient energy and release what is holding you in conflict.

  1. Create a Space of peace and comfort
    1. Play music (may I suggest something from Beautiful Chorus, like this song on Spotify)
    2. Have candles
    3. Essential oils, or smudge of some type
    4. Cozy blankets or pillows
  2. Lay down in this space and feel your connection to the Divine Mother through the ground.
    1. Make yourself cozy on the floor and sink into the ground.
    2. Feel the support.
    3. Let go of anything that does not serve you. Feel it move to the ground to be cleansed.
    4. Pull up the energy you need from the divine mother today.
    5. Repeat the affirmations you need (or one that Beautiful Chorus offers in their music).
  3. When you get up from this ritual, find a scent that you can relate to this feeling and affirmation so you can trigger the emotion with scent. Our olfactory has a better memory than many of our senses. It may be one you used, it may be that you feel like something different now.
    1. If you love Essential Oils, I think you might love florals or earthy tones for this (Rose, Tea Tree, or even a Fir if you are into holiday vibes)
    2. You might choose to smudge with sage, lavender, or whatever you love or have handy
    3. If strong scents are too much for you, I know lots of people who use fresh fruit as their olfactory trigger.
    4. When you smell this item, during your day, do it with consciousness. Close your eyes and imagine that Divine Mother love.

Next, we’ll dive into the creativity of the Divine Feminine.