Inviting Shift Tip: Get to know your fear well

Get to know your fear. So often we want to treat our fears like an enemy. We want to puff our feathers and draw up some adrenaline and kick fear’s a$$. The only problem is that the core fears you have today will follow you around forever so becoming enemies probably won’t end the struggle. If anything, it will make it even harder. Gather courage and get to know your fears. Even if they seem insignificant, they are trying to tell you something. Give the message a face and a name. Pretend they are a friend that loves you and is just scared for you, or some type of compassion. For me, it’s ole granny. She tries to keep me safe by telling me all the things that can go wrong and why I can’t do things. I hear her concerns, then I wrap her up in a cozy blanket in a rocking chair by the fire and I give her a cup of tea. I honor her for her thoughts and then I leave her and I decide if those fears are valid for me. I still choose my own path, but I’m not struggling. I become even stronger in fortitude when I become friends with my fears. Figure out what your fears are trying to tell you. Journal out the voice and the characteristics. Then find a way to have compassion regardless of what she says. Fear is an important part of our humanness. If we didn’t have it, we would act completely recklessly, but in heavy doses we become too small and do nothing. Know your fear. Love her face like only a parent could. Then make your decision as to whether it’s true. We’ll talk about that tomorrow. Tune in. In the mean time, check out the Inviting Shift Summit here and sign-up for updates and speaker freebies.


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