Inviting Shift Tip 5: How Can I Love This?

My focus determines what I see. So instead of making fear something we have to hate or relate to negatively, we can embrace it with love and gratitude. (Don’t worry, it manifests naturally depending on what we’re looking for.)

How can I love this?

Amazingly, this question has helped me through challenges more than any other. We must remember that the present challenges don’t appear to make us dislike life. They are there to make it sweet and sour and all the emotions in between. But we can still ask ourselves what there is to love. There’s good and bad to everything, even when it doesn’t lean to the direction we like, we can still choose to love the good aspects. Gratitude and love can always lighten the load. When life is feeling heavy as it often will, we must stop ourselves from focusing on the heavy and remember to keep our focus on what we want. One way is to be able to still grasp onto what’s good and what we can love about it. There are gifts everywhere. If we focus on those, it’s so much easier to love the present moment rather than struggling against it. You will be challenged. If you weren’t, it wouldn’t really be shift, now would it? Want to hear some real change? Join us for our 2 day Inviting Shift Summit March 24 & 25. Learn more.]]>

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