Inviting Shift Tip 2: Truth or Fear

getting to know your fear. Now that you know what your fears are telling you, it’s time to figure out if it’s all true.

Know how to pick out your truth from the fear

This is very tricky. When we hear the fear, it can drag us right in. We can get emotional and live from that frightened space. We become small and fear becomes big. This is not the space to decide your truth. We need to become an observer of our story. We must see it as though it were someone else. If you were mentoring someone else, what would you tell them? You need to connect to your inner knowing and it will tell you what the actual truth is. You have the answers, you just need to be still enough to hear them. Exercise: Tell or write the story as though you were designing a screenplay about someone else. Start picking out the judgments from the actual data. Tell the unbiased truth or tell the biased truth . Some of these fears can be real for certain, but are they more important that following our intuition or moving forward? Are they realistic? Fear’s aim is to keep us small and safe. Our light wants us to expand and transform. It’s a paradox we hold as humans – to be scared and brave, dark and light all at the same time. A-HA ADDICTS WANTED longer (2)Sit until you know what your truth is and then follow it. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about the good news that challenges bring. Tune in then. In the mean time, check out the Inviting Shift Summit here and sign-up for updates and speaker freebies.


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