Inviting Shift (Or A-has in Action)

The a-ha is only the part of the cycle. It’s an important part, but true shift is the a-ha in action. So let’s discuss the cycle of shift from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’.

Something Ain’t Right

New shift starts at a point I call ‘something ain’t right’. We notice that we feel more stressed than we want to, we are running into challenges, something feels off, you lack excitement in getting out of bed or some desire is not being met. It could be you have no clue what it is or you know and fell stuck. This is when we know shift is coming.

Inviting Shift in “Something Ain’t Right”

cycleofshiftIn order to get to the next stage, we need time for self-care and inner reflection. We need to know how it feels in our body, so we can move to the next stage.

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connection does not refer to religion, though it can include those beliefs. By definition, spiritual connection means to be bound to the seat of your moral fiber. It is the core of who we are that never changes. The one that knows our underlying truths. Our inner light, inner voice, soul, spirit, God, Universe, Gaia, or whatever you like to call it. As a warning, this is often the breakdown – or breakthrough – stage. The rock bottom, soul-searching, what the heck am I doing part of the shift. It’s not usually pretty and with that said, it’s necessary.

Inviting Shift in Spiritual Connection

The only way through this stage is to feel your way through. Seeking guidance and support is a great help because it’s difficult to manipulate and you can easily get stuck at this point, just before the light at the end of the tunnel. A great support group, mentor, coach or friend can listen and help you distinguish the garbage from the good. The important part is to spend time each day listening to your body and what your intuition has to say. The more time you listen, the more that will be offered to you.


This is the stage we’re – ok me – are addicted to. It’s a relief and it’s exciting. It’s the stage that we see something like we never did before, think about something in a completely new light. We may even see all of our world in a slightly different light if it’s a big enough a-ha.

Inviting Shift to A-HA!

Although this moment makes the world of difference, it only changes one important thing – your perspective. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very key factor. So stay here for a moment to do some great journaling or vision-boarding to help you remember the importance of this a-ha and how you want to be different in the future to support this a-ha.

Showing Up & Doing the Work

This is the stage that we put our a-has to work. Whenever we have a new perspective, want to create new habits or a goal we want to achieve, we need to create space for that new shift. We need to work on it and make it grow. It means showing up even when you’re a-ha didn’t seem to. It means reinforcing the vision in your mind, your why.

Inviting Shift to Showing Up & Doing the Work

It’s really pretty simple. You want something, keep showing up. When you don’t feel like it, show up. When you start thinking what ifs, show up. Keep showing up and you’ll continue to reinforce the a-ha you worked so hard for.


Next come the real challenges. In order to know that you have the showing up, have the work down solid and that this new perspective is now a part of you, you will be faced with huge challenges. It reminds me of the line in Bruce Almighty by Morgan Freeman: “If you pray for patience, do you think God just gives you patience or do you think he gives you an opportunity to prove your patience?” This is where your conviction will be tested. Hang in there, your right at the edge of shift.

Inviting Shift to Challenges

Revisit spiritual connection as much as you need to really hear your inner truth. Stand by your intuition and just keep showing up.


After you have won over some big challenges, you’ll feel the entire shift and likely, it will be visible to others as well. This is the completion of that shift, however, sometimes when we need fine-tuning we repeat the cycle again. Life is about growth and this is a big point to celebrate and honor your growth. It’s something we forget to do, yet reflecting on the journey makes us that much stronger for the next.

Inviting Shift when the Shift is over

Some shifts will cause us to re-examine other truths in our lives to decide if they still hold true with this new perspective. If not, that may be your next shift. If they do, no worries, more opportunities for growth will come along soon enough. I promise. There are processes and exercises that can help us be clear in each of the stages and I’ll post some on the blog in upcoming posts. Where are you in your shift cycle? Perhaps like many of us there are multiple shifts at different stages working in you right now. If you need support getting clear or inviting the shift, contact me and we’ll set up a time to chat.]]>

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