Inviting Inner Wisdom Summit – Day 4


Thanks for tuning in to the Inviting Inner Wisdom Summit!

Today we have three talks for you! Watch one, two or all three and remember you have the chance to win prizes by offering a question or comment on the speaker’s page within 24 hours (before 6 am EST on May 27). I’ll raffle off the prizes live on Facebook and reach out to the winners. (You don’t have to be on Facebook to win!)

Today’s line-up:

videostart tosiGetting to Know Your Inner Crone/Wisdom

Charlene Tosi

(Time 45:58)

videostart irwinHow to Pass Your “Life Tests” with Flying Colors

Lee S. Irwin

(Time 22:59)

videostart pascosUsing Your Internal Guidance System in Relationships

Diane K. Pascos

(Time: 43:47)


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