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Day 1 line-up:

videostart fawcett

Finding Your Wisdom Through the Inner Child

Teresita Fawcett

(Time 42:57)


videostart robinsonListening to Your Heart to Manifest Abundance

Katlin Robinson

(Time 1:04:00)

videostart lobbeckeFind Your Purpose & Magic

Angelique von Löbbecke

(Time 56:40)


Day 2 line-up:

videostart biergansHow to Find your Zone of Genius

Christin Biergans  

(Time 48:21)

videostart davisUsing Our Feminine to Benefit Our Business

Alison Davis

(Time 55:03)

videostart smithInviting Inner Wisdom to Life’s Transitions

Christina Smith

(Time 50:16)


Day 3 line-up:

videostart lundwall

Learn how to manifest your dreams

Emma Lundwall 

(Time 28:11)

videostart gaughan

A Spiritual Journey to the Heart

Rhonda Gaughan

(Time 40:20)

videostart mueller

Practical Techniques to Reconnecting with Your Inner Wisdom

Dave Mueller

(Time 39:41)


Day 4 line-up:

videostart tosiGetting to Know Your Inner Crone/Wisdom

Charlene Tosi

(Time 45:58)

videostart irwinThe Test

Lee S. Irwin

(Time 22:59)

videostart pascosUsing Your Internal Guidance System in Relationships

Diane K. Pascos

(Time: 43:47)


Day 5 line-up:

videostart guillenGetting in Touch with Your Body Wisdom

Christina Guillen

(Time 42:37)

videostart stellitanoOur Bodies as our Truth

Toni-Cara Stellitano

(Time 42:57)

videostart baackYour Body, Your Power

Natalie Baack

(Time 51:53)


Day 6 line-up:

videostart libiotRemember Who You Truly Are

Christel Libiot

(Time 52:40)

videostart hamiltonSexual Fantasy & the Higher Self

Joli Hamilton

(Time: 58:36)

videostart trottaSit Spot: Nature Meditation

Lynn Trotta

(Time: 35:01)


Day 7 line-up:

videostart cristinaEmbracing Who You Are to Tune Into Your Inner Wisdom

Angèle Cristina

(Time 1:00:26)


videostart chappell (1)Why Tarot: An Introduction to Tarot as a Tool for Self-Discovery

Sarah M. Chappell

(Time 44:03)

videostart sawyersInner wisdom for pregnancy, birth and beyond

Nicole Sawyers

(Time 55:04)


Day 8 line-up:

videostart aashnaHow to Use Hypnosis as a Practical and Empowering Tool

Stacia Aashna

(Time 39:06)


videostart howardEnergy Medicine Exercises for Inner Wisdom

Jeani Howard

(Time 40:06)


videostart riedmanBeliefs that Block Us

Laurie Riedman

(Time: 41:36)

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