Introduction to the Archetypes (And how they help us get our power back)


I recently announced Archetypes Coaching to my tribe and I started getting a lot of questions about what Archetypes are, how we use them, etc. So I’m offering a short but sweet explanation with some resources for you to explore them for yourself.

Below is a short video – or audio if you prefer since there’s not a lot to see – about what archetypes are for me in my life and coaching.



Or listen to it on Soundcloud here.

Want to try it? Step into your Sovereign with this short visualization.

Go to this blog post here to check it out.

Want to learn more about Archetype Coaching?

Learn more about a journey that will help you see the archetypes you default to, the ones you could benefit from more and a ton of support and resources to help support you.

Click here to learn more.

Free Training: Claiming Your Innate Power!

Join us on January 30 for a free training on how to use the archetypes in your everyday life. Sign up here.

Take the Assessment.

Find out which archetypes are your strengths with this instant assessment. No sign-up required! Assessment here.

Want to try a free Archetype Journey into Self-Love?

A 10 Day journey into the archetypes. No sign up needed. All days here.

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