Inner Wisdom Summit

Uncovering the knowledge and power within.

Also I need to hoard as many a-has and shifts as possible for my nearly finished book, coming out this Spring. (Because Spring = transformation.)

This means I’m bringing on 12 guests in 2 days that are going to discuss awesome a-has they’ve experienced and how they implemented them into their lives for real shift. We’re talking people building big dreams,and people moving past failures, loss, and grief in order to find the gifts and a new perspective.

I’m also bringing on some of our previous guest coaches who will join in the conversation with our guests. We’ll be offering expert techniques at staying in the flow of shift, finding the gold and staying aligned with your true wants.

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Show up live on March 24 & 25 to:

  • Interact with the speakers. Blab is very social and informal. Join us in messaging or hop on the call and ask questions live. I’ve made sure there’s plenty of time.
  • We have a lot of fun and I’ll even give out some prizes for participation like my published 12 week health Journal and soon to be published Inviting Shift book.
  • We’ll be offering some expert techniques for reducing stress and fear while staying open to the transitions in life.
  • Ask our coaches and experts live questions. Come talk with us, we might have something useful for you.
  • And some of our coaches and guests will even offer a freebie to those who show up live.
  • Prizes! Win a book, a coaching call or any of the other prizes the speakers and I will be giving out.
  • It’s all free. A free offering of a-has to take in and see what you can grow.

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Past guests and coaches will be popping on to offer freebies and some guidance. So join us if you’re stuck and we’ll help to clear the road.



We’ll be offering prizes for participating and sharing your shift. Books, free coaching sessions, and more offered by me, Christina Smith and our speakers and co-host coaches. It’s all to help you get unstuck or find more joy and clarity.

There’s 2 ways to win!

1. Attend the Blab live! We’ll give out prizes hourly.

2. Register for updates and we’ll call out people who are on the list hourly.

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Show Schedule

I’ll fill in the schedule with topics as the speakers get them to me, but below is the outline with speakers for this awesome 2-day event!

Thursday, March 24 (all times in EST)

10:30 am: I’ll do an intro and we’ll talk about the basic cycle of shift before our first speaker.

11:00 am: Special guest to be confirmed

12:00 pm: Shannon Sennefelder: Finding Life’s Value in Many Different Shifts

1:00 pm: Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami: Shifting into Body Bliss

2:00 pm: Rosalyn Renay: Magic of Sickness

3:00 pm: Angela Meer: Transform Any Audience into Raving Fans with Story-telling

4:00 pm Rosie Anipare: Shifting Past Fear

5:00 pm: wrap-up and additional thoughts on topics that came up.

Friday, March 25 (all times in EST)

10:30 am: Intro for the day & how we Invite Shift

11:00 am: Mark Anthony Lord: Do What You’re Called to Do (And the Net will Appear)

12:00 pm: Rachel Vdolek: Shifting Perception for Glowing Confidence

1:00 pm: Nicole Marie: From the ‘Shoulds’ to Desires

2:00 pm: Christine Schwarzer: True Shift is Being the Real, Raw You

3:00 pm: Ashleigh Taylor Henning: How Learning to Value My Work Raised My Networth

4:00 pm: Judie Cummings: Empowering Your Own Story

5:00 pm: Summit Wrap-up

It will be 2 full days for sure. I’ve already enlisted my husband’s help to co-host so I can take some short breaks when needed. I’m looking forward to all the awesome stories I can swipe for the finishing touches to my book. Join us!!

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The Speakers:

Rosie Anipare: Shifting Past Fear

DSC_1158-smallest(4:00 pm on Thursday)

Rosie is a Systems & Automation Strategist, who following the sudden departure of her fiancee 3.5 years ago made a huge shift in how she lived her life. By overcoming grief and coming out on top, Rosie made a conscious decision to stop hiding behind her fears and start making a difference. As a result she created a soul-inspired space where soul meets technology. She now works closely with coaches, authors and spiritual entrepreneurs, helping them structure and scale their business by using systems and automation. This allows them to become more productive and to generate a consistent flow of clients even while they’re asleep.

FREE OFFER: 7 Steps to Build & Automate Your Coaching Business – 

RAFFLE PRIZE OFFER: 1-hour intensive business audit, where I will strategize and create a step-by-step system to attract more clients, create more revenue and time.

.Learn more on her website.

Judie Cummings: Empowering Your Own Story

(4:00 pm on Friday)

Judie is a mother of two and a woman on a mission to create space for all emotions to be expressed and acknowledged.  Through her own growth, she has found that healing what has happened has helped empower her to move forward in her own life.  She has created shift from just being in life to really Living life.  She is the Director of the Delaware Valley Area and a Team Leader in Training of Woman Within Eastern USA, organization whose mission is to support women to empowerment.

JEG_5418_webJennifer Espinosa-Goswami: Shifting into Body Bliss

(1:00 pm on Thursday)

Jenn Espinosa-Goswami (pronounced Go-swami) is a former fat girl turned health coach & motivational speaker. A member of the National Weight Control Registry, Jenn teaches working moms how to create body bliss without drastically changing their current lifestyle. Jenn loves dancing in her living room with her daughters and eating spicy food from hotterBreakfast Blueprint places.

Check out her website here for some resources and support with losing weight.

Freebie Offering: Breakfast Blueprint

Ashleigh Taylor Henning: How Learning to Value My Work Raised My Networth

ashleightaylor(3:00 pm on Friday)

Ashleigh Taylor is a Santa Barbara based portrait photographer specializing in making women feel and look glamorous, sexy and CONFIDENT in front of the camera. Ashleigh’s work has been published in top publications such as, Junebug Weddings, Style Me Pretty and The Knot magazine, to name just a few, and though the praise is nice, she is in love with her work because she has seen the transformational power that her photography has had in the lives of her clients. Additionally, in April Ashleigh will be launching her first online photography class teaching moms how to photograph their children. See her work.

Freebie: Ashleigh’s Guide to Looking Fab

Mark Anthony Lord: Do What You’re Called to Do (And the Net will Appear)

(11:00 am on Friday)

Mark Anthony Lord (yes, that’s his real name) calls himself a guy-who-courageously-lives-out-on-the-limb-and-passionately-leads-others-to-their-truth-freedom-power-and-greatness. But that’s way too long to say (and write) – so Inspirational Leader will do! He is a speaker, teacher, author, and spiritual counselor.

At the young age of twenty-four Mark found himself consumed by addictions and in desperate need of a spiritual solution. Through the persistent practice of prayer, meditation, forgiveness, and spiritual community Mark discovered and fell in love with a brand new God (Higher Power, Source, Love, Energy … call it what you will) – one that was alive, accessible, fun, down-to-earth, transcendent and deeply personal.

He is the Founder of the Bodhi Spiritual Center, Chicago. Since its humble inception from his living room, Bodhi has grown into a flourishing community where thousands of people sought out Mark Anthony’s wisdom each week by attending Sunday services, weekly classes, and podcasts. He is the author of two books – The Seven Living Words, an illuminated perspective on the seven last words of Jesus, and Thou Shall Not Suffer – 7 steps to a life of joy. His most recent book, BE EMPOWERED, will be released in Fall, 2016.

A passionate, life-long learner, Mark has is BFA from Western Michigan University, his Masters in Divinity from Holmes Institute at Agape International Spiritual Center, Los Angeles. He has also studied at Unity, and Oneness University in India.

Nicole Marie: From the ‘Shoulds’ to DesiresSacred2016

(1:00 pm on Thursday)

Nicole is a former midwife that has followed the calling of her own soul and transitioned into being a spiritual life and business coach. As a trained shamanic practitioner, she supports people through rituals, ceremonies and guidance to find their own sacred journey in life.

Freebie: Free Meditation to fully shine your light in life available by joining the Create with Soul Circle

Angela Meer: The Power of Story-Telling

(3:00 pm on Thursday)

10922842_10152603554503240_6520900243250028457_nOnce upon a time there was a girl who was loved but lived in a trailer park. She knew that someday she was supposed to give her gifts to a world that was rich, but not satisfied. Her body was broken by palsy, and a little crooked, and her parents couldn’t afford braces for her teeth. But because she was loved, she made it her mission to teach, to expand, to heal and to return love.

Angela Meer story tells from a place of vulnerability, a place of joy, a place of death resulting in hope. Her work has appeared with MTV News, the Associated Press and has been tweeted on the New York Times Square billboard. She is the author of “Storytelling for Creative Entrepreneurs” and jokes that she is a wine-drinking, storytelling missionary to the masses. O and just last week she submitted her thesis for a Master’s Degree in Writing. Angela lives in rural southern Oregon where she writes, teaches and wrestles with cats. Her husband feeds her coffee and props her eyelids open so they can engage with the outside world and be social…sometimes. She recently published her second book on Amazon: Storytelling for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Free gift for Signing up for Summit Updates: The Story-Telling Toolbox

Rosalyn Renay: Magic in Sickness

(2:00 pm Thursday)

FullSizeRenderRosalyn is a coach, author, lupus advocate, and a plant-based lifestyle consultant. She has a bachelors of science in health and human performance. She is a 16-year Lupus survivor that tells her story of overcoming the disease by adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Just 5 years into her new holistic lifestyle transition, she has transformed her physical health and at the same time learned to love herself again. Check out her blog here.

Shannon Sennefelder, CPC, CRC: Finding Life’s Value in Many Different Shifts

(12:00 pm Thursday)

Shannon Hrobak Sennefelder is a Certified Performance Coach and Certified Relationship Coach, 3x International Best Selling Author, President and Founder of White Swans Consulting. Shannon get the call when one partner wants a divorce and the other is desperately holding on. Shannon and her team challenges individuals and organizations to look beyond the obvious and identify all barriers as well as all possibilities to achieve success. Learn more about her on her website.

Shannon will raffle off a copy of her book, The Missing Piece in Self-Love during her session on Thursday!

Christine Schwarzer: True Shift is to be the Real, Raw cschwarYou

(2:00 pm on Friday)

Christine Schwarzer is a coach, sister and leader. She’s an author and inspirational speaker and facilitates women groups. Kind, awesome, inspiring, lover of life & all soulful conversations. Guiding you through times of transformation. Find her here.

Rachel Vdolek: Shifting Perception for Glowing Confidence

(12:00 pm on Friday)

Rachel is a mindset and confidence coach who’s managed some pretty tricky situations in her life. She’ll join us to talk about how she went from feeling she had nothing to offer to glowing confidence in every area of her life.Check out her website for more information.