How to Find your Zone of Genius – Christin Biergans


Topic: How to find your Zone of Genius

christinsquareSpeaker: Christin Biergans

What you will learn:
  • How to connect with your strengths and talents
  • Creating and branding an authentic passion based business
  • How to bend and break your limits

About: Christin helps you find your Zone of Genius, detect and overcome your blocks and limiting beliefs. This means NO limits to what you can achieve! That’s her superpower! She helps multi-passionate women to find their purpose, create and run a successful passion based business and stand out with what they do best.

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Freebie: Guide to finding your passions

Prize: Free 60 minute coaching session with Christin!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the idea of the two columns and reading every day. Something I’ll definitely do 🙂 I found the stats on how creativity affects our success. Looking back on this now, I see how the creative side of me comes out in my current job where I am really enjoying and believing in my own success in what I am doing, where my previous job – even though I was good at it – I no longer enjoyed it and therefore did not believe I was successful.Thanks so much for this!

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  2. Cyndee Davis says:

    Thank you. I have 2 questions…when looking for a coach what are the questions to ask so that I am getting the coach that I need and is right for me. Next, Is it worth it for a woman in her 50’s?

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  3. Jules Blake says:

    Christin, i am so aligned with your thoughts and ideas i know how i should be my genius but i still fail to be that. I practice so much of what you say but still struggle. My genius just stays underground and i struggle to bring her to the fore. I loved the exercises and try that daily. I continue to try to find my queen to stay visible and guide me, i see glimpses now and again. Thank you. I so connect with you and loved listening to you . Love Jules

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  4. Anne Bernardelli says:

    Liebe Christin und Christina, danke für das spannende Interview. Mich hat die Übung sehr angesprochen, mir eine erfolgreiche Frau vorzustellen und ihr Fragen zu stellen. Das probiere ich in den nächsten Tagen aus. Ich will neben dem starken Wunsch, in den kommenden Monaten zu entscheiden, mit was genau ich starten will, einen selbständigen, befreiten Weg beruflich zu gehen, auch gerne lernen, wie ich bei mir, wie ich fokussiert bleibe, wie ich mehr und mehr zu mir selbst finde, trotz der äußeren Einflüsse, Kräfte und Pflichten, die oftmals nicht den eigenen Idealen entsprechen (solange man noch in einem Angestellten-Verhältnis arbeitet). Ich würde mich sehr über eine Coaching-Session mit Dir freuen, um weiter zu kommen.


    1. Christina S. says:

      Thank you and I am happy that it gave you a little inspiration!


  5. V. says:

    Dear Christin, thanks for this wonderful inspiration! I´ve taken several important and new facts into consideration and will now continue working on my action plan to my passion-filled life! Thanks for your time!


  6. Sarah says:

    Im a scanner.
    Lately some of the different things I do have made me so angry and resentful. Id advise someone else that this means “get out now!!”….
    Still I cannot see that fact for my own life and actually need to ask someone elses advice – What does this mean? Why am I so tired? How can I choose just one and is it right?
    Hope to catch you for a session before total implosion. X


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