How Netflix Sucks My Power

My friend, my foe: NETFLIX. For an introvert like me, Netflix is like the best thing including sliced bread. I don’t have to leave to even go to a Blockbuster now and I can get entire runs of shows that I would have had to sit through years to watch one weekly. Recently both Orange is the New Black and Grey’s Anatomy seasons released and I’ve been watching way too much TV for my own good. “But what’s the harm?”, you may be asking (as is my inner child). I’m not here to preach or try to convince you if you are a Netflix-addict (there are worse things), but here’s what I noticed with me:

  • I am less active. I get lazier as I lay in front of the TV and somehow, even doing nothing, sucks the energy right out of my body.
  • I don’t connect with friends and family as much. I get emotionally involved with people that don’t even exist. It’s true. I absolutely hate the last episode of any show’s run because I need to know what happened to the people. Instead of connecting with people that actually exist, I avoid it because I have this drama and these characters to entertain me.
  • I don’t read as much. There are skills I want to learn both personally and professionally and when I have the easy, low-thinking task of watching TV versus using my brain to piece words together and comprehend, I can easily go to the zone out route. Books pile up and I’m not really growing.  Reading to me is as essential as sunshine.
  • I can forget to tune into myself and ground myself in lieu of staring like a zombie at the tv for hours on end.
  • I don’t leave the house as much to connect with nature and it’s summer after all!

Summer TV Blackout Detox

(21 days to clear your TV cache)

Each summer I find at least three weeks to go tv free completely. It’s like a reboot and I hope you’ll consider one too. You can even download my free ebook 99 Things to Do and TV Ain’t One.  ]]>

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