Hope is a job.

“Hope is a job. Hope isn’t this inspired beautiful thing you get in a Hallmark card. Sometimes it really sucks.”

– Amy Oestreicher

Hope is more effective as a verb, just like love.

Hope takes conviction, consistency and passion. Hope doesn’t mean there isn’t a plan, hope is the thread that holds the plan together. It feeds you when you are hungry and motivates you when you are lost. My friend Amy said it best above. Amy had a unique health issue with a blood clot that shattered her stomach. She had big plans for her life and then boom, all of her plans were put on hold for years. There were years she was not able to eat or drink anything. All she really had to keep her moving was hoping someday she would be able to eat and maintain energy again. Hoping – in the verb form. candle-647211_1920Hoping included journaling all her thoughts, making new creations to express her emotions, and throwing what energy she had into moving towards health, and follow her passions in whatever ways were available. It wasn’t sitting down and waiting for healing. It was actively participating in her wellness. Whether it’s in our personal life or our business, hope is more effective as a verb. There is always something we can be doing to be prepared for the next phase, even if it is sitting in meditation to be mentally and spiritually ready for the outcome. By hoping, we remain focused on the resolution and open to different opportunities to get there. By hoping, we are taking a future want and turning it into action and passion today. Otherwise, it’s just a word that’s lost its power.  ]]>

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