Health Coaching


What would you do with unlimited energy or more joy?

For me, that’s what health is about.¬†

For you, that might seem a long way off or beyond your expectations. Maybe you want to lose weight, reduce inflammation or just want enough energy to tackle your to-do list. We can do that too, and chances are, I will challenge you to think bigger as we go.

What we focus on in health coaching:

  • Changing perspective to focus on what you truly want and how you want to FEEL
  • Looking at the smallest tweaks that make the biggest impact
  • Listening for clues on how we can engage real psychological tools to change our habits more fluidly
  • No-shame accountability so you can be honest and we can get to the heart of the matter
  • Tools that help reinforce the decisions you want to make
  • Compassionate guidance to teach you simple skills to make decisions from your best you
  • Adding more things that truly bring you joy & growth

What we don’t focus on:

  • Counting calories (occasionally we do it for understanding of how foods work in our body, but this is not what we focus on)
  • Weight. My clients find it drops naturally when we treat ourselves well.
  • Restrictions.
  • Shame or negative reinforcement. This will never work in the long-term and only does damage to your emotional and intellectual selves.
  • Veganism & vegetarianism: both great options and many of my clients participate, but if you eat meat – there’s no shame here.


Health coaching is a journey.

The typical health coaching journey looks like this:

  1. Health Assessment (90 minute call on your current health)
  2. Connect on a follow-up call to review my recommendations, plan, and timeline.
  3. Set up a plan.
  4. Follow through the plan meeting weekly or bi-weekly depending on your availability and desire.¬†Each meeting you’ll stay accountable and report back. We’ll talk about any challenges and tools to support you and offer more homework. We’ll also track your progress and adjust as we go if new challenges arise.

The goal is for you to learn all the tools you need to support the change you want to see moving forward.


Sign up for an Assessment!

The first step is the Assessment. You’ll fill out a form for me and schedule an appointment. Then, we’ll get connected and grounded to zero in on your true goals — short-term and long-term. Then we’ll talk about what you have tried, what you think works or doesn’t and your boundaries so we can be sure that what I plan is what you are able or willing to do.

After our talk, I’ll gather my notes and craft a path to your goals that can be accomplished in the next 6 – 12 months.

We’ll reconvene to talk about your plan and the challenges you see. You can ask questions and then we’ll talk about how I can help. If you sign up for a program, I deduct the price of the Assessment from your program. If you decide not to, you still have a path, some additional resources and there is no further commitment.

It’s like a health check and plan for only $99.

It’s a win-win either way.

Sign up for an Assessment right now.


Have questions?

Send me an email or schedule a free 20 minute chat about your health concerns and whether coaching is a good fit for you.

About the Coach:

Hi! I’m Christina! I became a Health Coach when doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with my gut. I became depressed from the medications and side-effects and it made huge impacts on my life that I didn’t even entirely see at the time even though I knew that something was definitely wrong. By learning about food, psychology, changing habits and what true health was about – my health changed too. That wasn’t all that changed.

My perspective on life changed. The way I felt about myself changed. The way I communicated with others became more compassionate and in the last 6 years, I’ve completely changed my occupation, family dynamics and more. That’s the power of perspective and what we focus on.

Connect with me by email or learn more about me here.