Getting in Touch with Your Body Wisdom – Christina Guillen


Topic: Getting in Touch with Your Body Wisdom

christinagcrSpeaker:  Christina Guillen

What you will learn:

  • Sounding/toning to release pain, stress, anxiety, stuck emotions and to balance chakras
  • Simple technique to a full body orgasm
  • 5 minute self love practice

About: Through one-on-one Tantra and embodiment sessions, Christina Guillen helps individuals discover a powerful path to self love, how to feel love more deeply in your body and tools to alleviate body and other health concerns. She’s been in the world of body work since 2003 professionally and for the love of it since 1992. She got into the mind body connection in 2000 studying subjects such as psychology, spirituality, NLP, EFT, and Tantra to name a few.

Links: Loving Myself Challenge Site | Instagram

Free Gift: How to have a full body orgasm guide.


necklacePrize: A beautiful Chakra Necklace and an Embodiment Session with Christina!

Fill in a question or a comment below in the ‘Leave a reply’ box by May 28 at 6:00 am EST and you’ll be entered to win!

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8 thoughts on “Getting in Touch with Your Body Wisdom – Christina Guillen

  1. Judie Cummings

    I love love the phrase “Every part of you is in love with you” … every part of me is in love with me 🙂

    Great explanation as well on the value of the self pleasure and taking time. I learned a lot about it.


    • Christina Guillen

      Mmmm you are SOOO welcome Judie! I’m doing a complimentary 21 Day Self Pleasure Challenge at if you’d like to join as you mentioned the self pleasuring was helpful for you. Either way, enjoy your pleasure XoXo

      Super Welcome,



  2. Maya

    Hi Chirstina,
    Thank you for your talk! I love what you say! I do believe in the wisdom of the body, the power of the subconsciousness and listening to the body, but I hadn’t thought about negotiating with my body..
    It was also very useful to make a sound that goes with a pain or discomfort, after having listened.
    I also learned a lot actually about the anatomy! Very useful, I will try to do something with it.
    Thank you again!


  3. Verena

    Loved your talk, Christina! I was long interested in learning about the chakras and self-care. I definitely need a good portion of more body love, this was a great start! Thank you!


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