Finding Your Wisdom Through the Inner Child – Teresita Fawcett


Topic: Finding Your Wisdom Through the Inner Child

Speaker: Teresita Fawcettteresitafinal

What you will learn:

  • You’ll dive into a visualization to find your inner child
  • What wisdom your inner child has for you
  • How you can use this information in your life

About: Teresita is a healer who embraces many techniques to help people move forward in their life. She is a Certified Facilitator for Woman Within and Vets Journey Home.

Links: Website

Gift: Download the full questions for the meditation and go deeper with what you saw. This is a little delayed – we will send these out as soon as possible.

Prize: Personal one-on-one session with Teresita!

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13 Comments Add yours

  1. Verena says:

    Wow, what a powerful experience to connect to my inner child. Have neglected that. Thank you!

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  2. Just finished listening to this. What a great visualization. My little girl was having so much fun creating her own sanctuary, which looks so different than than my own and I have always placed her in my own sanctuary. She instantly had so many brilliant colors and stuffed animals, and pure joy emanated. It’s a great reminder to connect with my inner child and keeping the commitments I make to her. What came up for me with this is that it’s interesting that I’m so focused on keeping my commitments to others and yet, my commitment to myself I don’t hold myself accountable for.

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  3. caroburr says:

    Thank you. Having done inner wounded child(ren) work over the years and found it very powerful, it was great to realise about my golden child and that access to her was possible once my wounded child was taken care of in the way she needed. Also I have only ever had one sanctuary.. so a revelation to see what my wounded 3yr old chose – a den with twinkly lights in paints, a dog and cuddly toys.. and I cant wait to see what my other aged inner children need and meet them in their safe place, rather than trying to bring them to mine which does not work so well. I feel I have a new visual way of meeting with my inner children ;D Thank you.

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  4. Cyndee Davis says:

    Thank you so much, I have not done much inner child work and this was a great start for me. Interesting you were in Zimbabwe as I grew up in Zambia.

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  5. Valerie Flowe says:

    Thanks, Teresita! Lovely guided visualization.
    My inner child went from fearful to joyful in her safe, fur-lined blanket fort. Having fun with my Barbies, my childhood terrier Tonio, and painting pictures with my grandpere Serge. Hoping to remember her wisdom of letting go of all that responsible adult stuff and simply enjoying the moment. And the message of my Wise Woman of ‘more listening and comforting; less lecturing’ to my own child (actual…and even inner!)

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  6. Billie says:

    Thank you. Today is my birthday and what a wonderful birthday present! I have done inner child work before but this is the first I’ve heard of the golden child and I really enjoyed her. She was so alive and creative. It’s good to know that she’s still alive. Her space was a combination of inside and outside with delight in both.


  7. aran says:

    So great to be reminded of the answers we have within us, So often I find myself looking externally for feedback, when right inside lies the best communication. I need more of this in my life right now…thank you


  8. Melody says:

    Very enlightening! I have never done inner child work before. I had a wonderful connection during my guided visualization. Great gratitude and bright blessings.


  9. Jessica says:

    My inner child played on a sacred campground beside a magical lake, surrounded by friends and her beloved dog. It was a peaceful and playful scene. Thank you for guiding me to connect with her today!


  10. Maya says:

    Thank you Teresita!
    I had done inner child visualisations before, but this one was really good and useful! I got some great realisations, and it was lovely to leave my inner child at her sanctuary, in such a happy space! It was interesting that I realised how important it is for me to be creative. I took that back to my own sanctuary with me.
    It is great to know I can change the sanctuary always when I need to. And it is true what you say that I can do that with children of other ages too. There may be more indeed popping up and wanting thair place. And they deserve it!
    I will ask what it needs more often, and just try to listen Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏


  11. Melissa Simon says:

    Thank you! It was nice to connect with that golden child that I often forget is there and hear her wisdom. I look forward to connecting with her more often.


  12. Helena Falcon-Ramos says:

    My personal space changed from a garden in the beginning to the Central Park Merry go round after. I didn’t feel like I had any control to change the surroundings.


  13. Dee Read says:

    So lovely to connect with you again Teresita and to remind myself of what an advocate my adolescent still is. I also found another wise woman who I haven’t ‘seen’ for so many years – the mother of my bestie, who died of breast cancer in the ’07s when I was still at Uni. Wow. It was wonderful.
    Thank you for energising my own wisdoms and vulnerabilities and connecting with my needs. I AM the driver!
    Thanks Christina, love to you both.


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