Fear comes with risk

I call it frexcitement. What is ‘frexcitement’? It’s that feeling you get right before the adrenaline kicks in. That feeling when you know you are doing something big – the crazy mix of freaky scary and crazy excitement rolling around your gut. So if you want to dream big but your fear is stopping you, know two things: 1. Fear is normal. It’s the safety voice in our head to tell us when we are stepping out of the box. We are vulnerable and it’s very healthy… to a point. There are plenty of times fear tells us not to do something when our heart or our brains say yes. When that happens, it’s time to tell fear to calm down. We can’t let fear decide what our dreams are or they will be very small. 2. Fear is an awesome indicator that you are increasing your limits and your potential. Or let me put it in the words of other brilliant people, “If you want something you never had, you are going to have to do things you never did.” These things are going to take some courage and moxie. You have it in you or you wouldn’t desire it so much.

So how can we use this fear?

We learn to manage our feelings about fear. We normalize it and treat it kindly. For instance, I picture my fear as an old granny. She is trying to keep me safe so she constantly nags at me. I can choose to let her fears overtake me or I can choose to sit her in a rocking chair, curl up a blanket around her and hand her a cup of tea while I thank her for her wisdom. I don’t have to take her fears on, I just acknowledge them and let them go. What does your fear look like? What can you do or say to calm it down?


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  1. I needed that kick in the behind, thanks.

    1. Glad I could help:) We all need it sometimes.

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