Episode 9: The Curiosity Cure – Shifting Away from Judgment

Judgment is easy. Our innate animal sense wants to keep us safe. However, most of the judgments we have today are not about keeping us safe as much as comfortable. Here's the truth: Self-Love and Confidence isn't always comfortable. We dig through our own ickiness in order to open our eyes to new truths, opportunities and growth. Your perspective is limited. Curiosity is about being open to new ways of seeing the world and yourself.

You deserve to rethink your judgments. You deserve to be curious with yourself. You might find that you are not broken or unworthy, you've just been a butterfly in a world of hornets. Enjoy your unique gifts - but you can't find them all if you judge rather than offer curiosity.

Show topics:

  • How judgment helps us & goes overboard (2:06)
  • What discomfort has to do with it (4:01)
  • How curiosity can help (6:30)
  • 5 questions to become more curious (17:52)

Self-Love quiz here.

Bonus blog post: Visualizing more Curiosity 

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