Episode 8: But first, clarity… How to get clarity in an instant (or in a ritual)

Before we do anything, we need to gather the clarity we have. We may not know all the information, and there are always some key questions we can ask ourselves to keep our focus on what is most important.

I want to make it easy and give you 4 easy questions to get you to clarity and then go even deeper and proclaim those intentions with a little ritual for you.

In this episode:

  • -->When seeking clarity isn't so helpful (1:06)
  • -->The question that grounds me out of my internal chaos (2:47)
  • -->How fear impacts clarity & the questions you need to create a more realistic view (6:47)
  • -->The important question you need the most in any moment (12:30)
  • -->Why ritual is important (18:14)
  • -->Example ceremony (or ritual or alignment) to help you lay claim to your clarity (19:07)


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Here's the full transcript.

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