Episode 42: Menstrual Cycles in Perimenopause

Period flu, flooding, serious cramping and anxiety?

Even if you have never experienced these, you can in perimenopause.

Our bodies are changing and our hormones are shifting. Our guest, Ali Damron (@alidamron), is an expert in women's cycles and shares with us what happens in perimenopause so we can be more prepared. She also talks about some things we can try.

You'll hear:

  • What is period flu? (3:36)
  • What happens in perimenopause? (8:28)
  • How to tell if you have low progesterone (10:48)
  • What the liver has to do with it (15:24)
  • What hormone replacement looks like (17:28)
  • Testing estrogen levels & when to do it (22:21)



Ali specializes in women's hormones, and is a wife, a mom of two boys, podcast host of The Ali Damron Show, YouTuber, course creator and practitioner.

It’s Ali's mission to educate women about the importance of health and hormones by teaching women how to be healthy.  She works with women to provide natural approaches to healing and get them looking and feeling their best.

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