Episode 41: Is It Time To Stay Or Go in That Career?

Is it time to stay or go?

Midlife is all about change and many of us get there thinking, I checked all the boxes and I'm still not happy.

If leaving a career that is not fulfilling can seem daunting - especially if you've put in a lot of effort, energy and years tuning into what we should do.

Our guest, Laurie Reynoldson (laurie.reynoldson), shares with us how she left her career in law after 20 years and the signs it was time to leave.

You'll hear:

  • What High Performance Coaching is (1:12)
  • When we think we'll be happy when we checked all the boxes (6:26)
  • Who am I for myself? (14:52)
  • The struggle with inner conflict (21:26)
  • Why you'll never start at zero (27:49)
  • About regrets (31:28)
  • What would your future self do? (36:58)


ABOUT Laurie:

Laurie Reynoldson is a recovering attorney, and former box-checker, people-pleaser and achievement junkie. While she was damn good at practicing law, she decided at 45 that working another 20 years in a career where she was profoundly unfulfilled was riskier than making a change. So she quit the law.

In 2020, Laurie launched Act III Coaching and the School of MidlifeTM, offering programs, personal development and coaching courses for midlife women.

Laurie lives in Boise with her husband Mike and their very good boy Theo. She's a pretty decent cook who loves entertaining, a mid-pack runner who's completed ten marathons, one half-Ironman and the 29029 Everesting endurance challenge, and a mediocre tennis player with a killer forehand but a very inconsistent serve. She loves traveling to Europe, lying in the sun on a tropical beach, snow skiing in Sun Valley, and she has mad love for red wine, ice cream and all.the.carbs.

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