Episode 40: Midlife Crisis or Midlife Calling?

If you look up midlife on the internet, you're bound to find midlife crisis articles from every corner of the web.

However, my guest, Linda Ann Barber, and I think it's more of a calling. It only becomes a crisis when we don't listen.

If you want to hear inspiring stories of answering the call, this is the conversation for you.

You'll hear:

  • When it's time for change (1:57)
  • Long-lasting fulfillment (7:29)
  • The difference between the first and second half of life (12:15)
  • The greatest gift you can give yourself in midlife (24:01)
  • Shedding what others say (29:57)
  • What drives us from the inside (38:35)
  • Managing failure (45:02)

ABOUT Linda:

Linda is a 25-year veteran of life-changing and executive leadership roles in industries such as Insurance, Financial Services, National Speaking and Consulting.

Through several life-threatening events, including a 12-year Supreme Court battle, she has inspired many throughout our nation by leading a personal and professional life with resilience and perseverance, as well as sharing transformational wisdom and knowledge by way of coaching, speaking and podcasting.

Linda is known for her unique ability to drive immediate change in the lives of others who are ready to bypass uncertainties and strengthen their confidence to gain more desirable experiences and outcomes. She guides her audiences and clients through the process of vitalizing their resourcefulness and leveraging adversities in order to become victorious and feel ALIVE! both personally and professionally!

At the age of 49, Linda moved from Upstate New York to Colorado. And now that her life has transitioned from full-time single mom to empty nester, she loves to spend her free time hiking along the beautiful mountain trails.

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