Episode 4: Confidence & Courage: Walking with Fear


What happens to interrupt our most confident days?

What keeps us from starting on those big dreams?

What stops us from taking that next step?

Fear. Today we talk about how to manage our fear so we can move forward toward what we want.

  1. You'll hear a story about one of the most life-changing choices I ever made. (00:47)
  2. Defining courage and how it impacts confidence. (5:00)
  3. Our default attitudes towards fear. (7:15)
  4. The difference between safety and discomfort. (9:04)
  5. Mini-visualizations to shift the fear. (13:40)
  6. Confidence in having hard conversations (a Susie story) (20:22)
  7. How we manage our fear - the steps. (26:10)

Superpower Quiz here.

Inner Critic Bonus here!

Visualization, journaling prompts & an alignment to help you build a better relationship with your inner critic.

Full Transcript here.

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