Episode 37: The Kindness Effect

Do you feel like you want bigger purpose or goals in your life -- but when you think of big things, you cringe a little?

Or maybe you feel stuck in depression or a low-time that you can't get out of?

Our guest, Megan Snedden, has shifted her life from feeling depressed to more purpose with small acts of kindness. She's created a movement from something every single one of us can do!

It's a great story! So tune in to see how it might shift your perspective on purpose and goals.

You'll hear:

  • All paths are not meant to be linear (1:20)
  • Moving from helplessness to empowerment with kindness (4:15)
  • The downward spiral of getting out of depression (11:53)
  • How we hold what we are feeling and move forward how we want (15:44)
  • The positive health effects of kindness (19:38)
  • How to show up as your best self (27:08)


ABOUT Megan:

Megan Snedden is the founder of The Kind Effect, a random acts of kindness movement that brings joy to strangers around the world. In addition to performing good deeds, she helps others create a greater sense of self-empowerment and improved mental health through the power of kindness. She has been featured on KTLA, Roku TV, and Good Morning LA LA Land.

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