Episode 36: Releasing Trapped Emotions

That negative self-talk and limiting beliefs you have might be symptoms of emotions that your body hasn't released… at least that's what this week's guest, Cora Naylor (@naylorcora), is sharing with us.

When emotion gets trapped in our bodies we can do all the growth work and still feel like those feelings are just stuck. Cora tells us about a process to help us release those feelings… and you can do this for yourself!

What you'll hear:

  • What trapped emotions are (2:15)
  • The unexpected places emotions come from (9:04)
  • Releasing negative-self talk (12:30)
  • The emotional code chart (16:08)
  • What our identity has to do with it (22:35)
  • How to try it out with Cora (25:31)


Cora is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Life Coach, Virtual Co-working Host & podcast host, as well as a personal development junkie and life-long learner.

After her kids left home Cora was ready to discover what was next for her. She had worked a lot of traditional jobs as well as direct sales businesses over the years but never realized the success she was hoping for. She knew that the issue was something within herself. After working with an Emotion Code Practitioner she realized that is was her “emotional baggage” that was holding her back. Once she “cracked the code” of her emotions she knew she could help other women do the same.

Cora now helps other women to easily release the trapped emotions that contribute to negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, money blocks, fears and anxiety and more.


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