Episode 33: Giving Ourselves Permission for More

The same rules we had when we are younger don't always work in midlife.

Midlife is a time of change and more often than not, requires us to give ourselves more permission.

That's what my guest, Karen Shatafian, and I talk about this week.

Midlife means rewriting the rules. Get your permission slip here.

What you'll hear: 

  • What permission means for women in midlife (1:39)
  • The permissions Karen & I gave ourselves (7:27)
  • What guilt & shame have to do with it (12:51)
  • Types of permission we need (17:20)
  • Finding your midlife magic and mojo (23:18)
  • Being grateful & wanting more (29:33)
  • The first step (35:02)
  • The trickle-down effect of feeling good (39:30)


About Karen:

Karen is a life coach for midlife women and personal development mentor. She’s been inspiring and empowering women over 40 since 2013. She is a surfer, a mom, an avid coffee drinker and lover of all rescue animals. Karen works with women in an intimate and supportive environment as she helps them gain clarity on how they want their lives to look and create new chapters after divorce, empty nest, or many of the other midlife transitions. She helps women gain the confidence to design their lives in ways that feel really f*cking good.

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