Episode 32: Becoming a Midlife Rebel

If you think that midlife is when we give up and move into a rocking chair, my guest, Robyn Patton (@midliferebel) wants to talk to you.

Robyn and I both believe that midlife can be the best life - especially if you are willing to question your perspective and squash all the limitations we learned about midlife.

Join us for a conversation about what a midlife rebel is, why it can feel challenging to step into and why you want to.


You'll hear:

  • What a midlife rebel is (1:22)
  • How the hormonal transition as an opportunity (10:58)
  • What is means to be a 'good girl' (16:50)
  • Getting clear on your intentions (22:06)
  • Tuning into your inner 'mean girl' (26:09)
  • Are you saving or protecting yourself (32:18)
  • The most rebellious thing a woman can do today (38:17)



Robyn Patton is an accredited and highly regarded Life Coach and group facilitator with over 25 years experience partnering with clients from all walks of life. She specializes in working with both men and women and offers a powerful blend of knowledge, experience and intuitive wisdom to create phenomenal results in the lives of her clients.

Her business, Midlife Rebel, is for women who are ready to reclaim their inner rebel & live an authentic f**k yeah life.

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