Episode 28: Looking into Self-Sabotage


We all do it even if we don't see it.

There are ways we go against our own good… and that's exactly what we're discussing in this episode.

Demelza Lawless (@demelza.lawless) is my guest this week and we talk about a slew of ways we can unknowingly self-sabotage our success.

In this episode:

  • Importance of self-confidence and self-trust (12:57)
  • What do you want to believe about yourself? (17:56)
  • What is self-sabotage? (24:49)
  • Putting on masks (28:31)
  • The flip-side of self-sabotage (33:58)
  • What are the thoughts that are getting in the way? (40:11)


ABOUT Demelza:

Demelza is a Feminist Career Coach For Ambitious Women of Color, ex-esthetician and former HR Manager. Born in Singapore, raised in Australia and now living in New York; Demelza is not your average career coach. She works with women of color to self advocate for what they want in work and life without the shame or guilt or fear of rocking the boat. Her work focuses on destigmatizing self advocacy for women of color, because asking for more or what you want doesn’t have to mean having a confrontation. Working with Demelza means you’re going to feel seen; you’re going to feel heard. Demelza’s goal is to set up women of color for success again and again by giving them a way to unjumble their brain and stop their thoughts from spiraling into stress, anxiety and overwhelm.


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