Episode 27: Manifesting Big Dreams & Castles

Many women think they shouldn't dream big…, especially by midlife. Our dreams tend to become smaller and more 'practical…

But not for Mandy Nicholson. Mandy had some practical dreams at first and when she learned the flow of getting those, she dreamed even bigger.

Mandy manifested herself a castle.

You are going to want to tune into this one to hear:

  • Why you need to be honest about your story (3:19)
  • Mandy's plan (10:24)
  • How to start believing in your dreams (13:26)
  • How to find your magic & mojo (18:15)
  • Why we can celebrate rock bottom (22:34)
  • The power of small wins (30:30)


About Mandy:

Mandy is a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, Author and Creative Retreat owner who helps creative women to launch, grow & scale their business and make more money.

Mandy has made it her mission to step into the creative space and change the way women see their business so they can change their wealth.


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