Episode 25: Stepping into More Confidence

If you struggle with confidence -- or being heard and seen, this is the conversation for you!

Amber Rose West works with female entrepreneurs who struggle to be seen because of their insecurities, perfection, and fears. In this episode of the podcast, she talks to me about the tools she uses to get herself on stage and show up the way she wants to -- even with fear.

Whether you want to be a professional speaker or not, these alignments and perspective shifts may just help you get wherever you want to be.


In this episode:

  • Managing fears in public speaking (10:00)
  • Choosing a new route (14:49)
  • What our brain wants (19:07)
  • The importance of self-reflection (22:59)
  • The inner critic and the imposter (27:47)
  • Bringing shift into the body (31:58)
  • About confidence and learning or mastery (42:51)


More about Amber Rose:

Amber Rose West is the creator and host of the Women of Color of Confidence podcast and works as a confidence coach for women entrepreneurs. Amber Rose works with teachers, coaches, and creatives, helping them reprogram their self-talk to minimize inner critics, perfectionism, and comparison, so they can cultivate a stronger, more confident speaking voice. See her site for more information: www.vibrantconfidence.com

Get the Overpower Your Insecurities Audio Guide as her gift: https://www.vibrantconfidence.com/overpower14

Connect with Amber on Facebook & Instagram: @vibrantamberrose



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