Episode 24: Stepping into the Elements of WELLTH

Legacy, prosperity, abundance… we all crave it in some way.

Today, our guest Jen Mons talks to us about her journey and the 5 Elements of WELLTH. What's beautiful and Jen's system is that it includes that one piece that makes us all nervous to talk about out loud - MONEY.

Jen wants you to claim your WELLTH. Tune in to hear about these 5 elements and how they can shift your life.

Tune in to hear:

  • How Jen's life changed after a near-death experience (1:23)
  • The second health crisis that led to her becoming a health coach (6:35)
  • What are the five Elements of Wellth? (12:11)
  • Which element is the most important to Jen (23:24)
  • How can we tune into the prosperity element of wellth (29:53)
  • What’s the difference between time management and energy management? (31:14)
  • The importance of being honest with ourselves (38:22)


About Jen Mons:

Jen Mons is mentor for healers, coaches, and conscious feminine leaders. She brings her experience as an Energy & Wellness Intuitive, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Life Coach Trainer. She specializes in leading purpose-driven women to activate gifts, create their legacy and live in the energy of prosperity. She is the host of the Podcast “Body and Soul Wisdom” since 2019, and creator of 5 Element Wellth, Prosperity, Soul Wisdom Imprinting, and the Embodied Feminine and Illuminate Your Soul Retreats. She coaches, mentors, and educates healers, coaches, and consciously driven entrepreneurs seeking clarity, alignment, balanced energy, joy, and fulfillment in their life by harnessing the energy of healing, self-limiting beliefs, body and soul wisdom, to step into our unique soul wisdom legacy. See her website: www.jenmons.com

Get her free The 5 Day Energy Mastery Challenge to Energize and Align your Life: https://jenmons.simplero.com/page/160778-align-and-amplify-ebook

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