Episode 22: How Posture Impacts our Confidence

Did you know that your posture has an impact on confidence?

It's more than what you look like too!

In this conversation with my guest, Aesha Tahir, we talk about the amazing impact our posture has not just on our physical mechanics, but also on our hormones, focus, and general perspective of life.

And!! There are some simple fixes that Aesha shares with us so that we can age gracefully, confidently, and with less pain.

Tune in to hear about:

  • The impact the pandemic had on our posture (4:27)
  • How exercise has ripple effects in our life (6:54)
  • The connection between body and mind (7:39)
  • What happens to our bodies from being desk-bound (12:59)
  • How your posture is impacting your productivity (15:38)
  • The physiological benefits of just standing more (21:10)
  • Simple adjustments to change your posture (24:54)

More about Aesha:

Aesha Tahir is a corporate wellness professional and human movement scientist on a mission to help busy deskbound professionals live a better life through upright posture. She is the founder and operator of Tone and Strengthen - a virtual fitness solutions company. She has helped many deskbound teams unlock the door to self-confidence, courage, and improved health by providing fitness coaching to correct their posture. Her book “Unhunched” about discovering wellness through posture is coming out May 2023. Stay updated on her website.

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