Episode 21: Falling Back in Love with Yourself

Guest: Emma Bradford

Do you need some tools to see the beauty and magic that is you?

That's what our guest, Emma Bradford offers this week! Whether you remember being in love with yourself before or not, these tips will help you take mini-steps to falling in love with yourself again.

In this episode:

  • The question that Emma asked herself when she wanted more joy (5:45)
  • One minor shift Emma made to make creativity the forefront (9:55)
  • Why Emma thinks purpose is so important (14:33)
  • The first thing to notice on a self-love journey (17:04)
  • The magic trick that allows us to start accepting ourselves more (19:30)
  • How we make self-love easier (23:48)
  • The real purpose in life according to Emma (29:55)
  • How we can create baby steps (33:01)


Emma Bradford, with 10 years experience has been supporting clients worldwide in falling back in love with themselves and life. ABNLP NLP Trainer and Founder of Creating Change: The Art of Connection, Expansion & Celebration an exploratory training to reconnect to the authentic self within through creative means.

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