Episode 19: Inviting Shift into Menopause

Wondering why you're gaining weight in mid-life when you haven't changed a thing in your diet or exercise?

Or maybe you're wondering what's happening with the fog in your brain?

If you are a menstruating person, It might be a sign of perimenopause and the changing of your body. It's time to learn more so we can invite shift into menopause and tune back into us.

In this episode, Dana tells us:

  • Why what we were doing in our 20s and 30s won't cut it anymore (3:40)
  • How our bodies change in our 40s (5:00)
  • How menopause impacts our confidence (6:40)
  • What's actually happening to our bodies on a hormone level & how it impacts us (8:22)
  • How long menopause lasts 17:30)
  • What we can do to shift our bodies (22:17)
  • A little about the Crone archetype (27:17)
  • The number one thing you can do now (28:31)


Don't miss out:

Dana is offering a 7-day menopause reboot meal plan! Download it here.

More about Dana Lawson:

Dana Lawson, brings an awesome energy to menopause. She educates women on what is happening to their whole self during the menopause transition and why it's a true shift in their bodies, minds and how they might show up.

Dana teaches women to align their health with nutrition optimization, stress reduction, quality sleep and intentional exercise so they can Shine by having the confidence to live a happier, healthier, and balanced mid-life journey.

Connect with Dana:

Instagram: @alignandshinenow
Facebook: alignandshinenow

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