Episode 15: 3 Red Flags to Look for Before the Vows

If you've been burned in intimate relationships before, you might be wondering if you can really see the red flags or if you're missing something.

This week, relationship expert, Maria Allyn, shares with her the three biggest flags that you should be aware of before taking that commitment further.

Tune into our conversation to hear:

  • The slow killer in a relationship (4:18)
  • What we can do when we're feeling over critical (7:43)
  • Are you in or out? (11:42)
  • What it looks and doesn't look like to be committed (14:36)
  • What we both learned in our alone time in-between relationships (19:36)
  • What keeps us jumping into bad relationships (23:28)
  • What boundaries and non-negotiables look like and why they are important (26:40)
  • The most importantpart of boundaries (31:28)
  • The question you need to ask yourself (36:21)
  • Overview of the flags (40:33)


More About Maria:

Maria's passion is working with committed couples who want to proactively lay a strong foundation for a solid, enduring relationship based on their own unique values and beliefs. She believes that by doing the work before the vows, you can put a structure in place that helps you to not just survive, but flourish.

Committed, successful relationships are hard work. Without a basic understanding in place, your relationship's "why" can fall through the cracks. You need a toolkit that works. That's where Maria comes in.

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