Episode 13: Are you Nice or Kind? (And why it matters)

Are you nice or kind? There's a huge difference not just in motivation but in whether you develop trust in yourself and your own truth.

If speaking your truth or boundaries is tough for you, tune in to see how you can still show up kind and compassionate without the need for the 'Nice Mask'.

Step into your own truth and start loving the way you show up whether others agree or not.

What you'll hear:

  • Defining nice and kind (1:07)
  • Why it's our natural instinct to be nice (2:36)
  • Examples of speaking our truth with kindness (7:49)
  • Why I don't trust nice people (9:51)
  • Signs you are pulling on the nice mask (14:18)
  • How we stand in our truth and show up kind (17:48)
  • When it's not worth your time (23:07)

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