Episode 12: The Argument for Resilience

I know that resilience is getting a dirty rap. It's not about silver-lining the trauma or terrible experiences in your life. It's about being able to handle the bumps in life with grace.

I invite you to tune into this talk to learn more about resilience and how it can shift the trajectory of your life.

  • Why Resilience is important (4:11)
  • How we try to by-pass the work (4:48)
  • Generational wounds that need to be addressed (11:33)
  • The question that stops my ranting and raving (14:24)
  • The simplest act of resilience (16:49)
  • How resilience comes in the stages of shift (19:57)
  • Why giving myself grace feels hard (25:55)
  • How looking at the bigger picture changes things (28:41)
  • Bernadine's patterns (33:55)
  • Why inviting challenges will change your life (36:56)



Learn more about Bernadine Rosso:

Bernadine Rosso has been supporting, guiding, coaching, mentoring, and witnessing the power and potency of women of all ages for over 25 years. Bernadine has had two home births, become a massage therapist and ontological coach, founded a rite of passage program for teen aged girls, and transformed her experience as a single mom from surviving to thriving between 2007-2020. Over the years, Bernadine discovered that when women connect to themselves and each other, they get grounded and more clear about life priorities and how to implement them regardless of the circumstances. Bernadine has supported hundreds of women to gain the courage to make choices that inspire joy in their everyday lives. Following this powerful transformation, something miraculous begins to emerge. That breakthrough is the catalyst for Women Who Are Up To Something. You can find out more about her Women's Mastermind Journey and other events at womenwhoareuptosomething.com




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