Episode 5: Katja Rusanen – Lessons from Major Life Shifts

Katja Rusanen talks about her major shifts and the lessons she learned.

Katja has had many life shifts and had to learn to be flexible and open. Listen to her story and the important life lessons she wants to share.
Katja also has an Actionable available! Take a listen to a short meditation to help you get grounded here.

About Katja Rusanen:

Katja Rusanen February 2018Katja Rusanen, Founder of Karma Cleanse, is a Spiritual Counselor. She received a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Katja is dedicated to helping Lightworkers break free from karmic patterns so they can magnify their impact and succeed with their purpose. Katja’s pragmatic approach, combined with her spiritual awareness, helps her clients get results fast.
Get her “7 Steps to Succeed on Purpose” guide book right here!

Connect with Katja:


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