Episode 35: How to Drink Less

Do you drink a little more than you used to?
Maybe you mean to have one glass of wine and yet, the bottle comes up empty each night…
Look, you are not alone. Especially with all the crazy times in the last few years when gyms and places we didn't drink shut down.
Now without all those restrictions lifted, you might still find yourself reaching for that glass a bit too often.
This week's guest, Claire Cleary (@claire_cleary), works with people to cut down their drinking in a way that feels good -- not white-knuckling or shaming ourselves.


In this episode:

  • The increase of drinking during the pandemic (1:56)
  • Are we avoiding something by drinking? (7:43)
  • The why of our drinking (12:27)
  • How we look at choice and decisions (18:36)
  • Breaking the cycle of beating yourself up (26.43)
  • The cure for self-judgment (30:44)



Claire Cleary is a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and owner of Claire Cleary Coaching.As a Life Coach, she specializes in helping people drink less alcohol long-term without feeling deprived & sad so they can still enjoy their lives.
She works with “gray drinkers”, who are people who wouldn’t be categorized as alcoholics with a physical dependency on alcohol, but who are drinking more than they want and struggling to cut back.
Claire believes that relying on willpower doesn’t work and that the key to long-term success is to deal with the root cause of why it’s so hard to cut back. The process & tools she uses with her clients are the same she’s used to stop drinking for the past 4 years.


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