Episode 34: Breaking the Productivity Addiction

Our culture is all about production.

We always want to get more done.

In fact, our identity gets confused with how much we produce, earn, and check off that list.

So in this episode, I'm talking to a productivity specialist, Valerie Recore (@strideproductivity) about how we feel more accomplished by looking at time and priorities differently.


You'll hear:

  • What happens when productivity becomes our identity (5:34)
  • We are not our to-do list (11:08)
  • How people-pleasing impacts our productivity identity (16:30)
  • Finding your midlife magic & mojo (22:55)
  • Productivity-free days (26:27)
  • When is the right time to say yes (31:06)
  • Valerie's advice for self-love and self-care (35:20)



Valerie Recore is a productivity specialist, a time giver, and a Certified Fair Play Method Facilitator. She helps moms gain a sense of control, spend more time with their families, and end their days feeling accomplished. With a background in mental health and corporate training, she’s ready to guide you toward a better relationship with time. If you’re ready to start feeling more peace and accomplishment at the end of the day, she’s here to help.


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