Episode 25: Brigid Arrantz – Rapid Transformation Techniques

Brigid Arrantz joins us from Australia to talk about healing childhood wounds with rapid transformation techniques. With these techniques, Brigid teaches to unpack the root causes and traumatic experiences.

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About Brigid:

Brigid Arantz is a rapid transformational therapist who helps people to find happiness and freedom from childhood pain without years of therapy. Last year Brigid decided to end a 25-year career as a corporate lawyer to follow her true passion, transforming people lives.

Today, she uses her training as a rapid transformational therapist and healer to help others who are in the same place she was years ago to find happiness. Brigid loves to share her knowledge and insights about the human mind, subconscious, transformation and dealing with stress and overwhelm.

Like her mother, and her grandmother before her, Brigid also reads tea leaves and card to connect with intuitive guidance and channeled messages for her clients. Brigid also runs a legal practice with a difference using a newlaw model to work with her clients, Law Services on Demand which focuses on supporting women in business.

You can find Brigid online at www.brigidarantz.com.au and at www.lawservicesondemand.com.au.

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