Episode 23: Sean Douglas -Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors


Sean Douglas is the author of Decisions: The Power to Overcome Self-defeating Behaviors talks to us this week about how we can grow and expand what we want in our life by opening our perspectives to see how we sabotage ourselves. We also talk about thoughts, feelings and beliefs and how they enhance or destroy our relationships.

Listen in- it’s even less than 30 minutes.

Can’t listen here? Listen free on SoundCloud here.

He also offers this free download: Balance Your Thinking Cheat Sheet

Watch his Tedx Talk here:


About Sean Douglas:

Sean is an U.S. Air Force Veteran, a TEDx Speaker, a Master Resilience Implementer, a International Radio Show Host and a Performance Enhancement Expert & Author.

Connect with Sean:

Website | Facebook  | LinkedIn | Book on Amazon | Radio Show |iTunes

About the author

Health and Empowerment Coach focused on supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual health in women who struggle with anxiety, depression and are tired of life. Offering actionables, tips, tools and connection.

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