Episode 22: Diana Madrigal – Honing Emotional Intelligence

This week we are joined by Diana Madrigal who will talk us through the importance of Emotional Intelligence. We talk about a-ha moments and how we shift our relationships with ourselves and others. She also walks us through the different personalities in Emotional Intelligence. Listen in.

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About Diana:

Diana is a certified professional coach, certified corporate trainer and writer. A wife to a wonderful husband. She is a mother of two smart boys and one strong girl. She has been in customer service for over fifteen years working in retail, government, and private sectors. Diana has been a licensed loan officer and real estate agent for over a decade. She loves makeup artistry, cooking, reading, listening to music, and sewing. Her true passion lies in creative writing and life coaching. As an introverted coach, Diana has found joy in helping others find their personal power and face challenges with grace and self-awareness

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About the author

Health and Empowerment Coach focused on supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual health in women who struggle with anxiety, depression and are tired of life. Offering actionables, tips, tools and connection.

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