Energy Medicine Exercises for Inner Wisdom – Jeani Howard


Topic: Energy Medicine Exercises for Inner Wisdom

jeaniSpeaker:  Jeani Howard

Forty percent of our happiness is in our hands! If we fully accept who we are, our inner wisdom appears.

What you will learn:

  • How our energy system is the main influence in our health and well-being
  • What happens to your emotions in the body and the impact they have on our neurological, biological and physical well being
  • Simple energy medicine exercises to really give you energy, clarity and energize your day for maximum productivity.

About: Jeani Howard is often referred to as a ‘ray of sunshine’ by all. Mum of 4 who has dedicated her life to helping others through their trauma and pain. 1 of only 16 Energy Alignment Method Mentors in the world as well as an energy medicine healer, EFT and Master Reiki Practitioner. Having spent a life of inner pain and trauma, she now helps women and young adolescents to be free from anxiety, PTSD, fibromyalgia, ME and more to overcome and find happiness and joy in every corner of life.

Links: Website | Pure Transformation University


Prize: An one on one coaching session with Jeani!

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Maya says:

    Hi Jeani,
    That was sooo inspiring and amazing! I learned a lot from you, and I am really interested in finding out more of what you do and how you work.
    I also had to think of a very dear cousin who is really struggling with Chronic Fatigue and Fibrolyalgia and a mixture of other things, and I think I will send her this link. I had to think a bit about that example you gave about that client with fibromyalgia.
    She has tried so many things, but she hasn’t really found anything that has helped, and it would be so amazing if you could help her. She so deserves it!
    But at least I could get something out of this talk for myself 😊
    Thank you again! 🙏🙏🙏


      1. Jeani says:

        Thank you so much Maya. I am so pleased that you found this so insightful, there is so much to learn about the energy system!

        Please come and check out where I have offered my book and intro sessions so that you and your cousin can come and experience this wonderful healing if you feel attracted to this.
        This healing modality is amazing for releasing pain in the body and works miracles for fibromyalgia.
        Please contact me should you have any questions at all.
        Much love and I look forward to hearing from you.
        Jeani x


  2. Monica Löfgren says:

    Thank you Jeanie for all those tips to get helthy. I loved it!
    Monica Löfgren


    1. Jeani says:

      Hi Monica, thank you so much. I’m so glad you loved it. Thank you for being here.
      Please come and visit to come and claim your freebies and great offers xx


  3. KAREN L SHERRY says:

    Thank you for these great insights. I’ve always felt I can control almost anything in my body with my mind, but its been hard to put it into words. Your talk clarified alot of things for me and taught me alot of new things.
    The cross over of left brain to the right side of your body is new to me. Also, it scares me that the definition of my being was developed from my parents when I was about 7 yrs old. They did not love or even like each other and they both were alcoholics. Although, I did become an alcoholic myself….I’m sober know. I also love Abraham Hicks, so it was good to hear her name! I’ve been learning about vibrations from her – they are an inspiration for me also.
    Again, thank you for you do! You are awesome !
    Karen Sherry


    1. Jeani says:

      Hi Karen, it’s so wonderful to meet you.
      Congratulations on beating the alcohol, this too was a big issue for me in my life as a way of coping with my trauma. It does feel amazing to beat it.
      We can overcome so much with our mind, but we can also overcome even more by releasing what is holding us back energetically, a lot of the time there is much that we don’t even know is in our energy.
      Please come and check out my book, the first 8 chapters are free which explains all about you, the way you are made emotionally and energetically, why you feel the wY you feel and why it’s not your fault- with all the science behind the woo woo that comes with energy magic.
      There are lots of goodies to help you here
      Please let me know how you get on, I would love to hear back from you, even do a session with you, where you can e perience try powers of healing xx


  4. aran says:

    What a special message to be able to tap into the vast amount of energy in our universe. I will definanatly look into your ptu site. I could use some formal structure in my life to refocus my own energies

    Thank you for your message and your desire to reach out to so many people


  5. Jeanie thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom. I too feel that all that we think manifests in our bodies. I am searched no for too,s to release those things thT need to be released and feel that I have found a beautiful source in you. Thank you. I look forward to connecting.


  6. Helena Falcon-Ramos says:

    I really believe in this. I would like to know how to have more control over this energy


  7. V. says:

    Got introduced to energy for the first time just recently by a wonderful yoga teacher. Really enjoyed learning more about it now. Thank you!


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