Empowerment Coaching


Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, depression or just the blah of your everyday?

This is the program where you take your power back!

Within you, there is power, wisdom, and purpose. It’s there. I can’t offer it to you, but I can help you uncover it and grab hold!

I know where you are.

I had paralyzing anxiety and bouts of some serious depressive episodes. I went to doctors and sure some of the pills had some impact, and I realized I needed more long-term tools to manage my emotions and reactions in the moment. And I needed more purpose, connection to my inner wisdom and power over my inner struggles with anxiety and depression. I wanted a life of joy, but I kept ending up in the same place.

I sought out support, mentors and research. I customized the tools I found. I wanted to find what had the biggest impact on myself and my clients. Now I work with practical, usable tools to shift our perspective and joy.

In my empowerment coaching program, I focus on finding the tools that you can use long after our time together is over. My goal is to ensure you know how to empower yourself. We focus purely on tools that have practical applications and ‘actionables’ to change your perception of your gifts so you can reclaim your power and break free from the paralysis that keeps you from shining your brightest. You have gifts, purpose and power. All you need are the tools to get you there. I have those to share.

What this program focuses on:

  • Expanding your perception of yourself and your power
  • Uncovering where your strengths and gifts are
  • Falling in love with all of who you are
  • Forgiving yourself for being human
  • Connecting with the highest version of yourself
  • Tapping into your inner wisdom and listening to intuition
  • Finding your overall greatness and magic
  • Managing difficult situations or moods
  • Becoming more curious about life
Your power and wisdom is closer than you think. Don’t give up on yourself. You can tap into excitement and opportunity again.

Freedom. Healing. Joy. Intuition. Power. Wisdom. Strength. Love. Compassion. Passion. Acceptance. Beauty. Focus.


Program details:

3 or 6 month program, meeting bi-weekly

  • Initial Coaching Assessment to uncover the archetypes you are using and which you might be under-using (90 minutes)
  • Six (6) or twelve (12) 1-hour sessions ‘face-to-face’ on Zoom
  • Email access to me anytime between sessions
  • Resources and exercises for each week, customized for your journey
  • Meditations and audios to support your growth between sessions and after our journey

Questions or concerns?

If you want some questions answered about Coaching, let’s talk about it and see if it fits for you.

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Take the first step! Book a 90 minute Assessment.

The 90 minute assessment is where I start with all clients. We’ll do a deep dive into where you are and set some goals for the future. The price of the Assessment is deducted from the cost of the complete coaching program if you move forward with us.

You’ll get at least 4 tools or resources to support your journey – whether you sign up for a program or not!

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