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You are more powerful than you believe.

You have power in places you’ve never looked. That situation or relationship you feel powerless to change – you have it in you. I promise. That J-O-B and B-O-S-S that stress you out and leave you feeling small – you have power there too.

Stepping into Personal Power is the 8-week workshop where we talk about the tools to help you stop the old stories, learn from our feelings, and get all the way down to those core beliefs that are stopping you from have the confidence, success and happiness you crave. These are the skills you need to be the sovereign of your life, stop listening to others and pull from your innate power.

You have power. I promise.

These aren’t ‘just see the silver lining’ kind of tricks. They are real-life skills to mastering your power.

In 8 Weeks, we will look at:

  • What Power means
  • How we use our power (or don’t)
  • How the old tapes keep us stuck and how to stop them
  • Connecting to the messages of our feelings
  • How we make major (or minor) life shifts
  • Booting the core beliefs that no longer serve us
  • How we get stuck in the do-loop and breaking our patterns
  • The Choice of Power: Why we don’t choose it
  • Money, money, money, money & its power
  • Becoming the sovereign of our life

Read more about or register for the 8-week program starting October 19th here.

For now this program is a live program you must register for at the link above.