Redefining Ourselves & Our Vision

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We’re always evolving and changing. Each day new information and perspectives are changing, yet our core truths, whether they help us or not, tend to stay the same.  So even when we make big strides, or unexpected changes happen we can forget to revisit old stories to redefine who we are today.

In this mini-workshop, you’ll learn the three steps (rituals in my world) that help us move past our old beliefs to step into new perspectives that support our desires, dreams, and who we are TODAY.

In this free online workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why & when we have to redefine ourselves
  • What bits of us are always consistent
  • How to leave the past behind you
  • To re-envision who you are today to inspire you to move forward
  • How to craft a new vision for the future

It’s all in three easy steps or rituals that can be formal or informal.